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Memory Loss

There can be few realities in life more difficult to face than that of a fading memory. There are of course instances in which things like an anxiety disorder, insomnia or depression may be responsible for a person’s memory difficulties, but the most common and widespread cause of significant memory loss among older adults on the whole is the onset of dementia.


Here at Dr. Narendra Rathi Clinic, we’re uniquely experienced in analysing, researching and pinpointing the exact causes of any given person’s unique problem regarding their memory – we never jump to conclusions or make assumptions. There are so many instances in which patients turn to memory difficulties psychiatrists expecting the worst, only to discover that some underlying disorder has led to their current situation and therefore, can be worked on and reversed.
Of course, when and where psychiatrists for memory difficulties encounter a case that has indeed been diagnosed as irreversible and progressive, it’s the kind of reality anyone would find distressing to accept. There are often many measures one can take to slow or prevent further memory loss, as well as assisting those affected in coping with their situation through many types of intervention and well-planned care. This is something BISWAS HEART AND MIND CLINIC can assist with.


Forgetfulness is a part of everyday life for most people and can therefore, make it difficult to know when and where to seek help. Some of us go days, even weeks at a time seeming to forget things on a routine basis, but what are the kinds of symptoms to be on the lookout for in terms of a more severe problem?
Memory Loss – When memory loss goes from being an infrequent inconvenience to something that affects the course of your everyday life, even to a minor extent, seek professional advice. Tasks Become Harder – If you’ve suddenly noticed that once simple jobs like driving, cooking or doing your job in the workplace have become much more difficult, you may need a consultation. Speech Problems – Another symptom to be on the lookout for is that of not being able to get out the words you want to say, or not knowing what it is you want to say. Disorientation – Get in touch with a professional if you keep losing your way in familiar locations, or feeling frequently disorientated. Changes in Personality – Should you or others note any changes in your character, temperament or personality, it’s again a good idea to seek advice.

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